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Does Ampm take Apple Pay?

Want to make a quick purchase at your local Ampm? The good news, they accept Apple Pay for seamless transactions.

No worries if you forgot your debit card. Contactless payment options like Apple Pay are accepted at every Ampm convenience store.

This informative article covers all you need to know about Ampm’s varied payment options. Enjoy the convenience!

Does Ampm take Apple Pay?

Ampm does accept Apple Pay, expanding support across many stores.

As confirmed by a helpful customer agent, contactless payment methods like Apple Pay are becoming more prevalent at Ampm, a notable franchise operation under Arco.

In comparison to competitors like 7-Eleven and Circle K, Ampm is enhancing its payment methods, gradually integrating with advanced contactless readers.

Though some rural and smaller Ampm shops may lack a contactless reader, our research found that established stores generally support Apple Pay.

If you’re wondering about the reliability, we conducted tests and reached out to Ampm’s customer service through Facebook, receiving a prompt and informative response.

Despite occasional hiccups, Ampm’s journey towards embracing modern payment technologies, including Apple Pay, is noteworthy.

What Ampm convenience store accepts Apple Pay?

Ampm convenience stores aim to offer payment flexibility via Apple Pay and other e-wallets. Customers seek the nearest store on the provided list for convenient transactions. 

While some Ampm stores are on this journey to embrace Apple Pay, others might not be currently accepting this payment method. The location of each store plays a crucial role in determining its payment options.

How to know whether an Ampm convenience store Takes Apple Pay?

To determine if an Ampm convenience store accepts Apple Pay, check for the Apple Pay symbol on the payment terminal. This symbol indicates that the payment system officially approves and accepts Apple Pay.

Another method is to look for the NFC symbol on the payment terminal. If present, it signals the capability to process contactless payments, including Apple Pay, on recognized platforms.

If you can’t find either symbol, the third option is to simply ask the cashier at the convenience store. Don’t assume non-acceptance without confirming through direct inquiry.

How to pay with Apple Pay at Ampm

To use Apple Pay at Ampm, ensure your credit or debit card is linked to your Apple Pay wallet. Make sure it’s funded. Approach the convenience store’s payment terminal. Once prompted, sign in to your Apple Pay to be authorized and debited automatically.

Beforehand, configure your Apple Pay wallet by creating an account and adding your cards. If unsure, watch a video explaining the practical process.

Assuming your Apple Pay is configured, follow these simple steps:

1. Open Apple Pay on your iPhone or watch.
2. Double-click the side button, and select your card.
3. Verify using Touch ID, passcode, or Face ID.
4. Place your device close to the payment terminal screen.
5. If prompted, tap your phone. The payment happens automatically.

Watch a video for a practical explanation of the process.

Should you use Apple Pay to pay at Ampm?

To seamlessly pay at Ampm, utilize Apple Pay for a secure and convenient experience. Forget concerns about lost or stolen traditional cards—Apple Pay eliminates that risk with its innovative wallet on your phone.

Experience the added advantage of flexibility, making transactions at any store a breeze. Enjoy the convenience of an easy-to-use payment method that not only ensures security but also offers a cashback incentive of 2-5% on your transactions.

If security is a priority, Apple Pay becomes the worry-free solution at Ampm. Safeguard your transactions and embrace the simplicity and security of using Apple Pay for all your payments.


Despite many convenience stores and gas stations avoiding Apple Pay, Ampm embraces it at a growing number of locations. If you prefer using Apple Pay across transactions, explore an article on car rentals that seamlessly integrates this convenient payment method.

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