Does Big Lots Take Apple Pay?

Does Big Lots Take Apple Pay?

Wonder, Does Big Lots Take Apple Pay? The answer is Yes! Big Lots has embraced Apple Pay, enhancing your shopping convenience. The mobile-friendly website and app seamlessly integrate this payment option, ensuring swift transactions.

Unlock exclusive deals effortlessly with your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. Navigate the store’s vast selection of furniture, home decor, groceries, and household essentials.

As a frequent shopper, Apple Pay simplifies spending tracking and rewards management. Enjoy the ease of a tap for purchases and a unified platform for all your shopping needs at Big Lots.

What Is Big Lots?

Big Lots Stores, an American retail giant, originated in 1967 when Sol Shenk established Consolidated Stores Corporation in Ohio.

Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, the company now proudly operates over 1,400 stores across America, spanning 47 states, as per recent data.

In 1982, the company marked a significant milestone by opening its first closeout store, Odd Lots, in Columbus, Ohio. Over time and through ownership changes, Odd Lots evolved and was eventually renamed Big Lots.

Despite having several stores in Canadian cities, Big Lots decided to exit the country in 2014 due to poor sales. The company’s history reflects resilience and adaptability.

Does Big Lots Take Apple Pay

Big Lots welcomes Apple Pay for seamless in-store purchases. Use your iPhone or Apple Watch at the payment terminal during checkout. Your transaction is swift and secure, and you receive a confirmation notification.

Online Shopping Convenience: Explore the comfort of home with Big Lots online. Apple Pay smoothly handles purchases on the website and app. No manual entry is needed; your payment information stays secure.

Swift and Secure Transactions: At Big Lots, Apple Pay ensures swift and secure transactions. Tap your device, confirm the payment, and receive a notification. Your payment information is transmitted securely with every purchase.

Using Apple Pay At Big Lots

Using Apple Pay at Big Lots: A Seamless Experience

  • Apple Pay at Big Lots simplifies purchases.
  • Your iPhone or Apple Watch, equipped with the Wallet app, transforms into a swift payment method.

In-Store Convenience:

  • At Big Lots, employing Apple Pay for purchases is effortless.
  • Open Wallet, select your card and authenticate using Touch ID or Face ID at the payment terminal.
  • A quick confirmation concludes the process.

Online Transactions Made Easy:

  • For online shopping at Big Lots, Apple Pay adds speed and security.
  • Populate your online shopping basket, proceed to checkout, and select Apple Pay.
  • Authenticate with Touch ID or Face ID for a swift transaction confirmation.

Eligibility and Options:

  • Not all items on the Big Lots website support Apple Pay.
  • During checkout, if the option isn’t visible, the items in your cart may not be eligible.

Overall Benefits:

  • Using Apple Pay at Big Lots brings convenience and security, whether in-store or online.
  • Enjoy streamlined payments without the hassle of carrying cash or cards.

Benefits of Using Apple Pay

Revolutionizing Payments with Apple Pay:

  • Apple Pay, revolutionizing payments, offers the advantage of swift transactions.
  • Experience speed and eliminate fumbling with wallets near the POS terminal.

Convenience Redefined:

  • Convenience is redefined with Apple Pay, simplifying life.
  • No physical cards, just a digital wallet at your fingertips.
  • Carry all your cards with ease.

A Secure Way to Pay:

  • In the realm of security matters, Apple Pay ensures safe transactions.
  • No stored card details, only encrypted device account numbers in a Secure Element.

Advanced Security Measures:

  • Benefit from advanced security measures with Apple Pay.
  • A specialized chip, the Secure Element, adds an extra layer of security.
  • Each transaction is authorized with a unique dynamic security code, ensuring payments and safety.

Payment Options At Big Lots

In-Store Convenience:

At Big Lots, diverse payment methods simplify in-store purchases. Cash, cards (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover), and Mobile Payments (Apple Pay, Google Pay) ensure convenience. The inclusion of EBT cards in select stores caters to a broader audience.

Online Ease:

Online at, payments embrace simplicity. Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, and Mobile Payments (Apple Pay, Google Pay) streamline transactions. Notably, personal checks and cash find no place for online purchases.

Flexible Leasing:

For furniture, Easy Leasing facilitates gradual payments, eventually granting ownership. This program adapts to users’ financial preferences, offering flexibility.

Gift Card Versatility:

Big Lots Gift Cards transcend in-store and online boundaries. Checking balances on the website or through customer service ensures seamless utilization.

Tech-Savvy Transactions:

Tech enthusiasts benefit from Apple Pay and Google Pay acceptance. In-store or online, swift, secure payments via phone or smartwatch redefine shopping experiences.

Comprehensive Options:

Big Lots ensures a variety of payment options. From traditional methods to modern Mobile Payments, each choice aims at enhancing customer convenience.

Big Lots Rewards Program

Big Lots Rewards Program: Unlocking Benefits

Discover the Big Lots rewards program, where purchases lead to cumulative benefits. Earn cashback, track rewards with a loyalty card, and enjoy future offers. As a frequent customer, check rewards at the cash register.

VIP Membership and Exclusive Discounts

Become a VIP member for exclusive discounts on furniture and mattresses. Save a considerable amount with rewards for every purchase at Big Lots stores. Simply show your loyalty card at checkout or provide your phone number to earn rewards.

Smart Saving Strategies

Participate in the rewards program by spending at least $200 in-store. Get a $10 bonus for every $200 spent on furniture, applicable for multiple purchases within a week. Use manufacturer coupons to maximize savings. Join now to receive a birthday gift and access special offers and promotions.

Stay Updated and Save More

Receive weekly social media updates, explore Weekly Deals on the Big Lots site, and save money on clothing and items. The Big Lots rewards program ensures a smart and rewarding shopping experience.


In conclusion, major companies across the US embrace Apple Pay as a primary payment option. Apple users benefit from the simplicity of this payment app.

Big Lots, a significant player, now accepts Apple Pay both online and in physical stores. This enhances convenience for a broad spectrum of customers.

Apple Pay has become a pivotal choice among major US companies. This payment app, favored by Apple users, reshapes how transactions occur both online and in physical stores.

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