Does Cabelas Take Apple Pay?

Does Cabelas accept Apple Pay?

Many wonder, “Does Cabela’s take Apple Pay?” Unfortunately, the answer is NO. However, don’t be disappointed; Cabela’s provides diverse payment choices to suit every shopper’s needs.

Making Payments at Cabela’s:

When making purchases at Cabela’s, consider the available options beyond Apple Pay. Explore alternatives that cater to your preferences, ensuring a hassle-free transaction experience.

Does Cabelas accept Apple Pay?

Cabela’s doesn’t support Apple Pay for purchase payments, affecting your payment habit.

Explore alternative accepted payment options at Cabela’s for seamless service.

Despite the absence of Apple Pay, Cabela’s ensures diverse payment options for convenience

Payment Methods Accepted By Cabela’s

Cabela’s provides diverse payment options for a seamless shopping experience. Choose from popular debit/credit cards like Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, Union Pay, Diner’s Club, and JCB.

Explore choices beyond Apple Pay for your favorites. Opt for your preferred payment method and effortlessly complete purchases on Cabela’s platform.

Include Cabela’s Gift Cards in your payment options. They are a convenient way to pay and enhance your shopping satisfaction. Cabela’s ensures a hassle-free transaction process for all customers.

Payment Method              Status
Apple Pay                 No
Credit Cards                Yes
Cabela’s Gift Cards                Yes
PayPal                 No
Visa                Yes
Masterpass                 No 
Google Pay                 No


Cabela’s CLUB Mastercard

Cabela’s CLUB Mastercard Benefits:

  • Earn extra points on purchases.
  • Enjoy Mastercard perks: price protection, extended warranties, and ID theft protection.
  • Black and Silver cardholders access Cabela’s Signature Outdoor Adventures.

Rewards and Usage:

  • Frequent Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops shoppers benefit.
  • Two points per dollar at the retailer, one point elsewhere.
  • $100 at Cabela’s earns 200 points for a $2 store purchase.
  • Flexible redemption rules allow use at other stores.

Apple Pay Integration:

  • Apple Pay support for Cabela’s CLUB Mastercard.
  • Apple’s CEO Tim Cook highlights 750 banks supporting Apple Pay.
  • Future plans include collaboration with two thousand institutions.

Special Features:

  • One cent per point with the Cabela’s CLUB Mastercard.
  • $60 sign-up bonus with the first 20 points automatically credited.

Cabela’s PayPal

Cabela’s PayPal Integration:

  • Cabela’s, a top outdoor gear retailer, embraces PayPal for seamless transactions.
  • The Gyft app enhances gift card accessibility, offering a unique shopping experience.

Payment Made Easy:

  • Choose from various payment options, including Apple Pay and PayPal.
  • PayPal eliminates the hassle of checks and cash, ensuring quick order fulfillment.

Effortless Verification:

  • Cabela’s app automates Apple Pay and PayPal verification, simplifying the purchase process.
  • Customers easily sign up with email and passwords for swift transactions.

Inclusive Payment Choices:

  • PayPal extends beyond online; it links with Google Pay and Samsung Pay.
  • Apple ID users smoothly purchase music and apps through PayPal at checkout.

Swift and Secure Checkout:

  • Add items to your cart, proceed to checkout, and select PayPal as your payment method.
  • Confirm the payment, and you’re ready to go, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Cabela’s cashback card

  • Cabela’s cashback card, with Apple Pay, simplifies purchases using your Android device.
  • Enjoy flexible redemption options—gift cards or apply cashback to the next purchase.
  • Join Cabela’s Outdoor Rewards for two percent cash back on all purchases.
  • Cabela’s CLUB Mastercard extends rewards to other stores, earning points for one cent each.
  • Redeem points for goods and services at Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shops.
  • Sign up today, and receive a $60 bonus and 20 points, valued around $1.
  • Apple Pay expands its presence with more U.S. retailers and user-friendly Apple Maps.
  • Manage your account effortlessly using the Wallet app, tracking purchases, assets by merchant, and spending summaries monthly.
  • As a Cabela’s cashback cardholder, receive timely reminders for payments.

Cabela’s eCommerce app

Cabela’s eCommerce App Efficiency:

  • Cabela’s eCommerce app, featuring Apple Pay, ensures quick, easy payments.
  • Proven track record for customer satisfaction.
  • Industry-leading website and retail showrooms.

Loyalty and Analytics:

  • The loyalty rewards program is the easiest, tailored using data analytics.
  • Detailed breakdown of daily purchases.
  • Marketers track trends for personalized programs.

Diverse Product Range:

  • Cabela’s, the world’s hunting, fishing, and outdoor gear retailer, offers 150,000 top-quality products.
  • A positive impact from the rising gun sales.
  • Firearms purchases contribute to one-fifth of overall revenue.

Apple Pay Integration:

  • Apple Pay, compatible with Cabela’s eCommerce app, streamlines checkout.
  • Supports credit cards, and electronic checks.
  • Increases security, and minimizes cart abandonment.

Adaptability Across Platforms:

  • Apple Pay is compatible with popular eCommerce platforms like Shopify, and WooCommerce.
  • Ideal for both eCommerce and brick-and-mortar stores.

Cabela’s credit cards

Cabela’s Credit Cards Benefits:

  • Cabela’s, a popular retailer, offers credit cards via Capital One. 
  • Enjoy perks, like $60 CLUB Points, free shipping, and more.

CLUB Mastercard Advantages:

  • Get a cashback program with 1 point per dollar spent at Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops.
  • Sign-up bonus: $60 + 20 points.

Smart Financing with CLUB Mastercard:

  • For larger purchases, use Cabela’s CLUB Mastercard.
  • Low introductory rate: 9.99% APR on qualifying purchases. Access in-store events, and promotions.

Rewarding Loyalty at Cabela’s:

  • Earn two points for every dollar spent with Cabela’s CLUB Mastercard.
  • No need for a separate program; enjoy rewards effortlessly.

Apple Pay Convenience:

  • While more banks support Apple Pay, check if your participating bank is compatible.
  • Simplify payment options and get cashback faster.

How Can I Contact Cabela’s Credit Card Customer Service?

Contacting Cabela’s Credit Card Customer Service:

If you encounter any issues with Cabela’s credit cards, connect with their efficient Customer Service department. Dial the Credit Card support number, 1 (800) 850-8402, to swiftly reach a helpful representative.

Facing a problem? Follow these steps:

  • Dial 1 (800) 850-8402.
  • Speak with a knowledgeable representative.
  • Communicate your issue and follow their guidance.

For additional assistance, call the general Customer Service number at 1 (800) 237-4444. They’re ready to provide the required help promptly.

Does Cabela’s Take Apple Pay In-Store?

Cabela’s Payment Methods: Cabela’s offers various payment options, including credit cards for online purchases and in-store transactions.

Apple Pay Exclusion: Regrettably, Apple Pay is not currently accepted at Cabela’s, both online and in their physical stores.

Store Payment Flexibility: For in-store transactions, customers can conveniently use credit cards or other specified payment methods.

Future Consideration: While Apple Pay is not available now, the possibility of its inclusion in the future remains open. Regular updates will reflect any changes in payment methods.


Cabela’s caters to outdoor enthusiasts, offering a range of merchandise, activity equipment, and decors. Customers can explore various payment options, including Apple Pay, for convenient in-store and online transactions. The post provides essential details to ensure a quick and easy purchase of favorite items.

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