Does GetGo Take Apple Pay?

Does GetGo Take Apple Pay?

GetGo, with its quality food service, takes Apple Pay, providing a secure transactional method.

GetGo Kitchens, integral to the business, contributes to its rising prominence.

Checkout counters equipped with contactless readers ensure a fast, secure Apple Pay transaction.

Apple Pay, accepted at GetGo locations, prioritizes customers’ data privacy, a step appreciated in the industry.

Credit/debit cards, Google Pay, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus are also compatible for convenient payments.

Retail chains like Disney and Petco expect Apple Pay, to acknowledge its positive impact on data security.

The simple method involves a fingerprint on checkout counters, ensuring a successful and efficient transaction.

GetGo believes in the importance of adopting Apple Pay for the safety and security of its buyers.

How to Use Apple Pay at GetGo?

Does GetGo Take Apple Pay?

Using Apple Pay at GetGo with iPhone:

  • To start, open the Apple Pay application on your iPhone.
  • Utilize Face ID or Touch ID for quick authentication.
  • Add your credit card, and set a default card for seamless transactions.

The Apple Watch and Apple Pay

  • When at GetGo, access Apple Pay on your Apple Watch.
  • Tap the side button, choose your card, and complete the transaction. 
  • A reassuring beep and light tapping confirm your successful payment.

Adding a card to your Apple Pay wallet: How to do it?

  • For added convenience, easily add a card to Apple Pay.
  • Launch the Apple Pay application, select “Add Card” from the menu, and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Complete the validation process with your bank for added security.

Adding a card to an Apple Watch: How?

  • On your Apple Watch, adding a card is simple.
  • Navigate to the wallet app, choose “Add Card,” and follow the clear instructions on the screen.
  • Your bank’s validation ensures secure card registration.

Enhancing Security and Confidence:

  • After adding a card, check with your bank for confirmation.
  • This step enhances security and instills confidence in your Apple Pay transactions at GetGo.

Other Payment Methods Accepted at GetGo

Credit and Debit Convenience:

Discover seamless transactions with Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express) and Debit Cards at GetGo. Enjoy the perks, including fuel discounts.

Smart Savings with GetGo Advantage Pay:

Link your checking account to GetGo Advantage Pay for additional fuel discounts. Experience the convenience of easy payments and exclusive rewards.

Gifts Galore with GetGo Gift Cards:

Explore a world of possibilities with GetGo Gift Cards. These prepaid wonders unlock a realm of purchases at GetGo locations. Perfect for gifting!

Cash is King:

For those who prefer physical currency, GetGo welcomes Cash for all transactions. Embrace the simplicity of using cold, hard cash for your purchases.

Tech-Friendly Mobile Payments:

Embrace the future of payments with Mobile Payments at GetGo. Whether it’s Samsung Pay or Google Pay, your transactions are just a tap away.

Versatile Prepaid Options:

Discover flexibility with Prepaid Cards at GetGo. From various prepaid cards to reloadable options, we accept them all for your convenience.

Nutrition Assistance with WIC:

GetGo cares about your well-being. We accept WIC vouchers, supporting the special supplemental nutrition program for Women, Infants, and Children. Eligible purchases are made easily.

Benefits Of Using Apple Pay At GetGo

Benefits Of Using Apple Pay

Convenience at Your Fingertips

Experience the ultimate convenience with Apple Pay at GetGo. No cash or cards are needed—just your iPhone or Apple Watch.

Swift and Seamless Transactions

Speed up your purchases at GetGo. No more swiping, entering PINs, or signing receipts. Apple Pay ensures quick and hassle-free payments.

Top-Notch Security

Rest easy with Apple Pay’s security. Your card details remain private, thanks to unique tokens. Say goodbye to worries about fraudsters.

Maximize Savings with Rewards

Enroll in GetGo’s fuelperks+ program. Earn points effortlessly with every Apple Pay purchase. Save big on gas and make your groceries a smart choice.


GetGo, a US-based chain since 1985, offers convenience stores with fresh, hot food through GetGo Kitchen. It prioritizes customer security, adopting Apple Pay amid data-related malpractices in the United States.

With over 250 locations across the States, GetGo ensures a faster and more secure transaction experience using ApplePay, particularly benefiting iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus users. Simply display the top of your iPhone at the contactless readers on checkout counters for successful and efficient payment processing.

In response to evolving payment methods, GetGo’s decision to integrate Apple Pay aligns with user preferences, enhancing convenience and security in transactions. The convenience store chain, headquartered in Pennsylvania, has successfully expanded its presence, providing fuel, food, and essential items throughout the US.

FAQ Does GetGo Take Apple Pay?

Q: What payment options does GetGo accept?

A: GetGo accepts debit, credit cards, and convenient Apple Pay.

Q: Why choose Apple Pay at GetGo?

A: Apple Pay ensures secure, easy transactions with iPhones and Apple Watches.

Q: Are there advantages to using Apple Pay?

A: Yes, it offers benefits like secure transactions, ease of use, and compatibility with various devices.

Q: Any downsides to Apple Pay?

A: Costs may rise if using credit cards, incurring fees and interest rates.

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