Does Great Clips Take Apple Pay?

Does Great Clips Take Apple Pay?

Great Clips, a popular hair salon, conveniently accepts Apple Pay for swift payments. In the United States, people prefer using mobile phones for payments, avoiding the hassle of credit or debit cards. Customers at Great Clips can enjoy the efficiency of Apple Pay, completing transactions within seconds.

The mobile wallet service enhances the payment experience, making it safe and seamless for patrons. Whether shopping at Zara or getting a haircut at Great Clips, Apple Pay is a preferred choice.

This article provides answers about Great Clips and Apple Pay, addressing common queries and concerns.

Does Great Clips Take Apple Pay?

Great Clips, a popular salon franchise, offers various payment terms at each location. Conducting research reveals that some salon branches happily accept Apple Pay. An online reviewer shared a positive experience, emphasizing the convenience of using an Apple card for a purchase and earning cashback.

For those curious about their local Great Clips, a straightforward method is to visit the official website. There, users can easily find the nearest salon location along with its respective phone number. A quick call to the salon will provide a definitive answer on whether they accept Apple Pay.

In summary, Great Clips locations, part of a widespread franchise, are open to the modern convenience of Apple Pay, making transactions seamless for customers with Apple cards. The process of confirming this detail is straightforward – just a quick visit to the website and a brief call to the salon.

Understanding The Great Clips App

Convenience at Your Fingertips

Experience the convenience of Great Clips with their user-friendly app. Quickly set up an account through a simple download, creating a quick login process.

Effortless Salon Experience

Save time with online check-in. Choose your preferred salon, select a convenient time, and arrive ready to go. Your favorite Great Clips location is just a tap away for easy access.

Favorite Salons, No Wait Times

Access your preferred salon instantly by saving it in the app. The “Favorite Salons” tab allows quick searches, adding them to your favorites. Check wait times and check in online effortlessly.

Smart In-App Purchases

Maximize savings with in-app purchases. Enjoy prepaid haircuts for frequent visits and consider Great Clips gift cards for friends or family. The app is a money-saving tool for anyone seeking a great haircut experience.

Overall User-Friendly Tool

The Great Clips app is an overall beneficial tool for everyone. Download today to start enjoying the seamless benefits it offers in saving both time and money.

Services Offered At Great Clips

Variety of Haircuts:
Great Clips provides diverse haircuts for all ages, including children and seniors. Achieve your desired look, whether it’s a simple haircut or a stylish option.

Texture and Style:
For various hair types and textures, Great Clips offers tailored services. From loose waves to tight curls, they can help you attain the perfect hairstyle.

Perm Services for Stylish Waves:
Elevate your style with Great Clips’ perm services. Choose from tight curls to loose waves, and leave with a chic, trendy hairstyle.

Clean and Healthy Hair:
Experience top-notch cleanliness with Great Clips’ shampoo services. They use high-quality products to ensure your hair stays clean, healthy, and vibrant.

Expert Styling for Every Occasion:
Great Clips excels in styling, offering services like blowouts, updos, and braids. Trust their friendly staff and high-quality products for a stunning look on any occasion.

Overall Hair Care Services:
Whether you seek a simple haircut or a complex styling service, Great Clips has you covered. Walk out looking and feeling your best with their exceptional services.

Other Forms Of Payment Accepted At Great Clips

Accepted Payment Options at Great Clips:

Great Clips provides convenient payment options for a seamless experience. Choose from cash, major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover), or even your debit card.

Effortless Phone Payments:

Embrace the ease of Samsung Pay at Great Clips. Store your card info on your phone, tap at the register, and enjoy a swift, secure mobile payment experience.

Savings with Coupons and Codes:

Explore Great Clips’ website for exclusive coupons and discount codes. Sign up for their email list to unlock special offers, making your haircut not only stylish but also budget-friendly.

Online Check-In and Advance Payment:

Maximize efficiency by checking in online and paying in advance. Skip the line at the salon, ensuring a quick and hassle-free visit.

Versatile and Time-Saving Options:

Great Clips ensures your payment process is easy and versatile. Whether it’s cash, cards, or mobile payments, the salon caters to your preferences. Experience a salon visit that’s both easy and convenient.

Payment Options that Aren’t Available

Great Clips App Enhancements

The Great Clips app simplifies check-ins, offering updates on wait times. Explore exclusive promotions and announcements conveniently. Future changes may include in-app purchases for added ease.

Local Salon Convenience

Visit your favorite local salon with ease using the Great Clips app. Enjoy a low-key and pleasant environment with welcoming services. All ages find the services affordable, catering to various income levels.

Diverse Payment Choices

Great Clips locations offer convenient payment options. Choose from cash or card, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Unfortunately, checks are not accepted at most locations.

Technological Convenience

Embrace technological innovation with Online Check-in. Check wait times at nearby salons and join a waitlist. Technologically inventive solutions enhance your salon experience.

Service Variety for All Ages

Great Clips caters to a diverse customer base. From men’s haircuts to various female hairstyles, children’s services, hair treatment, and shampooing, they surpass competitors. Enjoy a range of services for a satisfying experience.

Great Clips Special Offers And Discounts

Great Clips Special Offers:
Great Clips delights customers with frequent discounts. Enjoy savings of up to $3 on haircuts, especially if you’re 65 or older. Simply ask your stylist for the Senior Discount during checkout.

Coupons for Extra Savings:
Explore Great Clips’ website, local papers, or coupon books for valuable coupons. Get a percentage off or a specific dollar amount discount on your next stylish haircut.

Exciting Promotions Throughout the Year:
Great Clips collaborates with partners, offering discounts tied to local events. Attend a sporting event or concert, and check their website or social media for exclusive promotions.

Loyalty Rewarded with the Great Card:
Join the Great Card loyalty program at any salon. Accumulate points with each haircut and redeem them for a well-deserved free haircut. It’s Great Clips’ way of giving back to loyal customers.

Honoring Military Service:
Active or retired military personnel can save up to $3 on haircuts. Simply present your military ID during checkout. Great Clips values your service and offers a special discount.

Overall Variety for Everyone:
Great Clips ensures a good deal for all, from seniors to military members. With a variety of special offers, it’s the go-to place for affordable, quality haircuts.

Issues And Support

Log In Assistance:
Have trouble logging in? Reset your password by clicking “Forgot Password” on the login page. Ensure the correct email and password. Clear browser cache if issues persist.

Contact Options:
Need support? Reach Great Clips via the website “Contact Us” form. Quick response guaranteed. Connect through social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) or call 1-800-473-2825, Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Central Time. Friendly assistance awaits.

Direct Support:
For direct help, contact Great Clips customer support. Speak with someone directly by calling 1-800-473-2825. Their team is eager to assist with any concerns or questions. Feel confident reaching out.


Great Clips Salon Experience:
Discover a welcoming culture at Great Clips Salon, a departure from traditional barbershops. Enjoy the efficiency of professionals providing quality services, ensuring a satisfying return for your next haircut.

Efficiency Over Competition:
Great Clips stands out in the competition by prioritizing efficiency. Your needs are met with pocket-friendly prices and services that guarantee a positive return experience. 

Professional Touch at Every Branch:
Step into any Great Clips branch for a pocket-friendly and welcoming experience. Professionals handle your haircut, ensuring quality work and satisfaction.


Where can I find Great Clips near me?

Use the Salon Locator or Maps app to search for nearby Great Clips.

How do I check in at Great Clips?

Tap the “Check-In” pin, enter your details, and enjoy a hassle-free experience.

What services does Great Clips offer?

Great Clips, the world’s biggest salon brand, provides perms, wave treatments, and conditioning.

Are prices at Great Clips reasonable?

Generally, Great Clips offers affordable prices based on services and customer age. Children’s haircuts start at $12, adults around $14. Prices may vary by location and season.

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