Does Kum And Go Take Apple Pay?

Does Kum And Go Take Apple Pay?

Wondering, Does Kum And Go Take Apple Pay? The answer is Yes! Kum & Go embraces Apple Pay, offering users a seamless experience. The contactless reader at the pump or in-store register facilitates secure transactions.

Users can effortlessly utilize their iPhone or Apple Watch, making the process convenient.

Apple Pay integration extends beyond physical transactions. The Kum & Go app empowers users to order food and drinks for quick pickup.

Additionally, it streamlines payments for gas and other items, eliminating the need for a wallet. This app-driven approach enhances user convenience.

The process is straightforward—hold your device near the reader and follow prompts. In the app, pre-order snacks or drinks, ensuring a swift pickup. Apple Pay at Kum & Go not only simplifies payments but also enhances the overall user experience.

Overview Of Kum And Go

Kum and Go, founded in 1959 in Hampton, Iowa, is a gas station and convenience store chain with over 400 stores across 11 states.

The chain offers a variety of high-quality products and services, including fuel, snacks, and beverages.

Kum and Go is committed to a positive customer experience, with clean, friendly stores and a focus on safety and convenience.

The &Rewards mobile app allows members to pay directly from their phones, offering exclusive rewards and discounts.

For added convenience, customers can order food and drinks ahead of time for quick pickup.

Kum and Go emphasizes safety with touchless fueling options and enhanced cleaning protocols in its stores.

Does Kum And Go Take Apple Pay?

Kum and Go, a vast gas station and convenience store chain, embraces Apple Pay. Conveniently, it covers 400 locations across 11 states in the United States.

Easy Transactions with Apple Pay:

For in-store purchases and mobile fuel payments, Kum and Go recommends using their app. Simply add your card to Apple Wallet, tap, and pay at the contactless reader during checkout.

Fueling Rewards with Kum and Go:

Earn rewards effortlessly by using Kum and Go’s app for fuel payments. Download, register, and select the “Fuel Up” button to enjoy a convenient and rewarding way to pay at the pump.

Diverse Fuel Options:

While not all locations accept Apple Pay at the pump, Kum and Go allows Apple Pay for diesel, E85, eBlend, and Semi-Truck Fuel Island. Make fueling choices simpler and more rewarding with Kum and Go.

How To Use Apple Pay At Kum And Go

Discover the simplicity of using Apple Pay at Kum and Go.

Setting Up:

  • Add cards on Wallet app: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch.
  • Credit and debit cards seamlessly link to Apple Pay.

Smooth Transactions:

  • At checkout, approach the contactless reader.
  • No need for Kum and Go app, PINs, or passwords.

Secure Payment:

  • Card details transmitted securely to the terminal.
  • Confirmation message signals successful payment.

Additional Security:

  • First-time users authenticate via Face ID, Touch ID, or passcode.
  • Ensures exclusive usage of the card with Apple Pay.

Assistance Available:

  • Staff readily available for any Apple Pay issues.
  • They guide to complete transactions effortlessly.

Experience the ease and security of Apple Pay at Kum and Go.

Benefits Of Using Apple Pay At Kum And Go

Convenient and Contactless Payment:

Experience seamless transactions at Kum and Go using Apple Pay. No buttons, no cash – just swift, contactless payments. Perfect for pandemic safety.

Faster Checkout:

Save time with Apple Pay at Kum and Go. Activate the pump, pay instantly. Skip the cashier line during busy hours. Efficient, quick service.

Secure and Private:

Your payment info stays secure with Apple Pay. No sharing with the store or third parties. Face ID or Touch ID adds an extra layer of protection.

Earn Rewards:

Unlock rewards by using Apple Pay on the Kum and Go app. More payments, more rewards. Save money on your next visit. A win-win.

Easy to Use:

Simplicity at its best. Choose the pump, pay with a few taps. Order food, skip lines. Apple Pay in Kum and Go app – convenience redefined.

Alternatives To Apple Pay At Kum And Go

Payment Options at Kum And Go

Discover various ways to pay at Kum and Go gas stations.

1. Convenient Card Transactions:

  • Use Credit Or Debit Card.
  • Swipe or insert at the pump or present to the cashier.
  • Accepted cards: Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover.

2. Embrace Cash Transactions:

  • Pay inside with Cash.
  • Approach the cashier for hassle-free transactions.

3. Seamless Mobile Experience:

  • Download Kum And Go &Rewards app.
  • Link your card to pay with ease on your phone.

4. Future Possibilities:

  • Keep an eye on updates.
  • Potential inclusion of Google Pay, Samsung Pay.

5. Diverse Customer Options:

  • Forgo Apple Pay if it’s not your preference.
  • Choose Credit Card, Cash, or Mobile Payment Apps.

Explore the array of choices for a smooth Kum And Go experience.

Which Gas Stations Take Apple Pay Near Me?

Discover gas stations nearby with Apple Pay using Apple Maps. Easily find the nearest gas station on the provided list. Effortlessly pay for your gas using Apple Pay at the chosen location. Navigate to the selected gas station’s location on Apple Maps. Access a convenient list of nearby gas stations that accept Apple Pay.

List Of Gas Stations That Take Apple Pay

Gas Stations Embrace Apple Pay:

Gas stations like 7-Eleven, ARCO, and Chevron enthusiastically accept Apple Pay.

Conveniently, in-store purchases at Casey’s General Stores and Delta Sonic also welcome Apple Pay.

Versatile Payment Options:

BP, Amoco, and Conoco gas stations provide flexibility with Apple Pay at both in-store and pump transactions.

Costco, a membership-based warehouse club, embraces Apple Pay via a linked Visa card.

Widespread Adoption:

Citgo, Circle K, Cumberland Farms, ExxonMobil, Family Express, Kum & Go, Kwik Fill, and Red Apple widely accept Apple Pay.

Always Check Before You Go:

Remember, the acceptance of Apple Pay may vary by location. Always check with the gas station before your visit.


Kum & Go’s update introduces a mobile pay-at-the-pump feature on its iOS app. With Apple Pay support, it’s now an even more convenient way to handle gas transactions.

Simplified Transactions: No need to go inside – download the app, add your cards, and at the pump, activate with a tap. The app handles the payment automatically, sending you a hassle-free email receipt.

&Rewards Benefits: For loyal customers, &Rewards adds value. Earn points with app payments, redeemable for free food, drinks, and other rewards. Kum & Go enhances both convenience and rewards for its customers.

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