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Does Smiths Take Apple Pay?

Smiths, a popular retailer, offers various payment options for transactions. They support Apple Pay, ensuring a secure and swift checkout experience. Customers can conveniently use their Shopper’s Card, digital coupons, credit, or debit cards.

Kroger Pay, Smiths’ mobile payment option, guarantees a secure transaction. Though Smiths embrace Apple Pay, not all retailers facilitate this payment method. However, with Kroger Pay, shoppers can enjoy a seamless and safe checkout at Smiths.

Does Smiths Take Apple Pay?

Smiths, a retail store, embraces contactless payments like Apple Pay. Customers with smartphones can conveniently use Apple Pay at Smiths.

Smiths’ adoption of contactless payments includes the acceptance of Apple Pay. Similar to Apple Pay, Kroger Pay functions seamlessly at Smiths stores.

Customers who are wondering whether Smiths takes Apple Pay can rely on the store’s support for mobile payment apps like Apple Pay and Kroger Pay. Both are compatible options at Smiths for contactless transactions.

How To Use Apple Pay At Smiths

At Smiths stores, while Apple Pay isn’t directly accepted, there’s a workaround. If you have an iPhone or Apple Watch linked to Apple Pay, you can’t use it there.

However, you can still make payments at Smiths using your Apple Pay-linked credit or debit card. Instead of your phone, simply use the physical card for transactions.

Understanding Smith’s Payment Methods

Smith’s Food and Drug, part of Kroger, offers various payment options. Customers can choose from contactless payments using Apple Pay or Kroger Pay, available for iOS and Android.

Kroger Pay simplifies checkout, allowing secure scanning of cards and digital coupons. For convenience, Smith’s accepts major credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

Debit cards deduct payments from your account and provide easy spending tracking. Credit cards offer borrowing opportunities with rewards like cashback.

Cash is a traditional, fee-free payment method accepted at Smith’s. Understanding these methods ensures a seamless checkout experience.

Benefits of Mobile Payment Methods

Mobile payment methods like Apple Pay and Kroger Pay offer numerous benefits. Using your smartphone, you can enjoy the convenience of leaving your wallet at home.

These methods streamline transactions, speeding up checkout without fumbling through wallets. Security is enhanced through tokenization technology, protecting your information during transactions.

Contactless payments via smartphone or QR codes ensure faster transactions than traditional methods. Completing transactions quickly saves time, especially during busy periods.

Other contactless payment options at Smiths

Smiths, beyond traditional methods, offers diverse contactless payment options for shoppers. Express Checkout via the Smiths app on iOS or Android streamlines shopping.

With Express Checkout, scan items and pay conveniently with credit/debit cards or PayPal. This method not only ensures contactless payments but also expedites checkout, saving time.

Smiths Pay, an exclusive mobile app, simplifies payments using smartphones. Add cards securely to the app and pay swiftly by scanning a QR code or tapping your phone at checkout.

Apple Pay Availability at Other Retailers

In the United States, Apple Pay is widely accepted at various establishments.

Grocery stores like Whole Foods, Kroger, Albertsons, and Trader Joe’s allow convenient, secure payments.

Pharmacies such as Walgreens and CVS simplify prescription and health-related expense payments.

Gas stations like Exxon, Shell, and BP offer quick, secure transactions without card swiping hassles.

Supermarkets like Walmart and Target facilitate all-in-one payments for groceries and household items.

Restaurants like Chick-fil-A and Starbucks enable effortless dining payments using Apple Pay.

Retailers including Staples, Best Buy, J.Crew, and Nike prioritize secure, convenient transactions for purchases. Apple Pay’s widespread availability reflects its convenience and security for customers at various retailers.

Smiths accepts apple pay in stores

Smiths Food and Drug, a Kroger grocery store in seven states, offers various products like produce, seafood, deli items, and frozen foods alongside snacks. The store aims to improve its customer experience by expanding its team.

While Smiths doesn’t accept Apple Pay directly, it utilizes its proprietary payment system. Instead, the only contactless method available in their stores is the Kroger Pay app. Customers can download this mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play to access a unique QR code for contact-free payments using their cards. This approach aims to enhance the ease of making purchases while shopping at Smiths.

Locations Where Apple Pay Is Accepted

Apple Pay is widely accepted in various countries like Japan, South Africa, Israel, Mexico, Spain, and Peru. Smiths Food and Drug, under Kroger’s umbrella, offers this contactless payment solution at many locations across the United States.

At these locations, customers can utilize Apple Pay through their iPhone’s iOS app. This allows for easy and secure payments using credit cards supported by NFC technology.

Moreover, Smiths, along with Kroger, promotes mobile payments through the Kroger Pay app. This app is accessible on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, offering additional convenience to customers seeking contactless payment options.

In specific regions, Smiths and Kroger have also integrated health savings accounts for added payment flexibility. These efforts aim to improve the overall shopping experience and reward loyal customers through the Smiths Rewards program, enabling the accumulation of fuel points for every purchase made via mobile payment methods.

Restaurants like KFC, Outback Streakhouse, etc Accept Apple pay.

Can I pay with Google Pay at Smith’s?

Yes, Smith’s stores in the United States accept Google Pay. This choice demonstrates Smith’s commitment to technological advancements and customer ease. By integrating digital payment solutions like Google Pay, Smith’s ensures a hassle-free and convenient checkout experience for its customers.

Guide to using Google Pay at Smith’s:

To check if Smith’s accepts Google Pay using Google Maps, first, ensure you’ve installed the Google Pay app from the Google Play Store. Link your credit or debit card to it for payment.

During checkout at Smith’s, inform the cashier of your intention to use Google Pay. Then, unlock your phone and hold it close to the contactless payment terminal.

For confirmation, watch for a blue checkmark on your device’s screen or listen for a beep. This signals the completion of the payment process, verifying your transaction with Google Pay.

How to check if Smith’s accepts Google Pay using Google Maps

To confirm if a particular Smith’s store accepts Google Pay using Google Maps, follow these easy steps for a smooth process:

Open Google Maps on your smartphone or visit the Google Maps website.

Search for Smith’s to find the nearest store locations.

Select your intended store to access detailed store information.

Review the store details to see accepted payment methods. Some listings may mention Google Pay acceptance.

Utilize the ‘Ask a Question’ feature on the store’s Google Maps page for any unclear information.

For accurate details, consider contacting the store directly via the provided phone number.

Kroger Pay: A convenient payment solution at Smith’s

Kroger Pay, a digital payment solution, enhances convenience at Smith’s.

Specifically crafted for Kroger family stores, Kroger Pay ensures security.

Customers benefit from the speed and optimal payment choice offered.

How to use Kroger Pay at Smith’s

Using Kroger Pay at Smith’s involves simple steps for a hassle-free experience. 

To begin, ensure you have the Kroger Co. Family of Stores App installed on your mobile device, available on iOS and Android.

Link your preferred credit or debit cards and your Shopper’s Card within the app to enjoy added benefits.

At the checkout, access the Kroger Pay feature in the app interface.

Scan the pin-protected QR Code generated by Kroger Pay for secure payment processing.

Upon completion, expect a swift transaction confirmation on your device. 

This process ensures a secure and efficient payment experience at Smith’s using Kroger Pay.

Benefits of using Kroger Pay at Smith’s

Kroger Pay offers numerous benefits at Smith’s and other Kroger brand stores. Firstly, it ensures enhanced security for transactions, safeguarding your payment information. Secondly, it provides a contactless payment method, allowing quick and safe transactions without physical contact.

Additionally, it seamlessly integrates your Shopper’s Card, enabling access to digital coupons and rewards points during transactions. This integration provides convenience, streamlining the checkout process and enhancing the overall shopping experience. Utilizing Kroger Pay at Smith’s is advantageous, offering added conveniences and robust security measures.

Smith’s Inspiring Donations Program

The “Smith’s Inspiring Donations” program by Smith’s embodies their commitment to charitable giving. It’s an initiative designed for effortless and effective community support. This standout program seamlessly connects everyday shopping with meaningful contributions, enhancing community welfare through charitable endeavors.

How the Program Works

The program at Smith’s functions seamlessly:

Customers create a digital account with Smith’s.

They link their Shopper’s Card to a chosen local organization.

Shopping triggers automatic donations when using the Shopper’s Card.

Benefits of Smith’s Inspiring Donations

Smith’s Inspiring Donations program extends its support to local communities, non-profit organizations, schools, and community groups. It simplifies the donation process, integrating seamlessly into customers’ shopping routines without added effort. Through everyday purchases, it makes a significant impact on causes, showcasing the difference collective efforts can make in community well-being.


Does Smith’s sell Amazon gift cards?

Yes, Smith’s sells Amazon gift cards, providing a variety of options. Customers can find Amazon gift cards in Smith’s Home Department, offering values from $25 to $500. These cards are customizable, allowing activation and loading after checkout, ensuring flexibility. They are available for convenient in-store pickup or home delivery, catering to diverse customer preferences.

Is Smith a Kroger brand?

Smith’s Food & Drug operates as part of the Kroger Co., representing a chain of convenience stores throughout the United States. This affiliation with Kroger implies shared policies and products, showcasing Smith’s integration into the Kroger brand. Smith’s is a vital constituent within the larger network of Kroger-owned convenience stores.

Does Smith deliver?

Smith’s provides convenient delivery services for groceries through their website. Customers can easily order items online, creating a shopping list using their website’s shopping cart feature. Once the shopping list is complete, they can choose a convenient home delivery time from available options, including same-day pickup at the store or home delivery within a specified four-hour window.

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