Does Speedway Take Apple Pay?

Does Speedway Take Apple Pay?

Are you wondering, Does Speedway Take Apple Pay? The answer is Yes! Speedway, a prominent gas station chain, now takes Apple Pay, enhancing convenience for customers.

Utilizing digital wallets and contactless payment methods, patrons can swiftly pay at the gas pump or inside the store. Apple Pay, accessible via iPhone or Apple Watch, simplifies payments during fuel stops.

Does Speedway Take Apple Pay?

In the realm of convenient payment options, Speedway stands out. It caters to customers across the United States, offering a seamless fueling experience. With Apple Pay, transactions become effortless and secure.

At Speedway:

  • Customers can refuel and enjoy snacks hassle-free.
  • Apple Pay integrates smoothly at gas pumps and in-store.

Apple Pay Integration:

  • iPhone and Apple Watch users benefit from contactless payments.
  • Convenience and security define the fueling experience.

Speedway’s Edge:

  • Offering Apple Pay elevates Speedway as a go-to destination.
  • Enhancing convenience and ensuring secure transactions.

Setting Up Apple Pay on Your iPhone or Apple Watch

Setting Up Apple Pay with Ease

To start using Apple Pay on your iPhone or Apple Watch, follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the Wallet app from the App Store.
  2. Add your credit or debit card by entering the required information.
  3. Verify your card through a text message or email.
  4. Your card is now added, and you can begin making payments.

Making Payments at Speedway Using Apple Pay

Convenient Payments at Speedway

At Speedway, enjoy hassle-free transactions with Apple Pay:

  • Fuel up effortlessly at the gas pump by activating Apple Pay.
  • Authenticate with ease using Face ID or Touch ID.
  • Simply tap your device near the contactless reader to complete the transaction.

With Apple Pay, paying at Speedway becomes seamless and convenient.

The Advantages of Apple Pay at Speedway

Convenient Payment Method:
Apple Pay provides a secure, efficient payment method at Speedway.
Customers enjoy the convenience of using their iPhone or Apple Watch for transactions.

Secure Transactions: Transactions with Apple Pay are secure and hassle-free.
Customers no longer need to worry about carrying cash or cards, enhancing their peace of mind.

Efficiency at Speedway: Apple Pay ensures quick and efficient transactions at Speedway.
Customers can swiftly complete their purchases and continue with their day.

Earn Rewards: Using Apple Pay at Speedway allows customers to earn rewards.
By linking their credit or debit card, they can still enjoy cashback, points, or airline miles benefits.

Other payment methods at Speedway

Payment Methods at Speedway: A Convenient Selection

At Speedway, customers enjoy a variety of payment methods. They can use Apple Pay and Google Pay, as well as traditional credit and debit cards.

Speedway Loyalty Program: Savings and Rewards

Speedway’s loyalty program offers a combined payment and rewards card. Customers can earn points and enjoy savings with the Speedway Speedy Rewards Pay Card.

Accessible Payment Options

Speedway also accepts its own branded credit card, providing additional rewards and savings opportunities.

Availability and Contact Information

While payment methods may vary by location, customers can find detailed information on Speedway’s official website or by contacting their local store directly.

Other Gas Stations That Accept Apple Pay

Gas Stations Accepting Apple Pay

  • Speedway, along with other major gas stations, embraces Apple Pay.
  • Customers can conveniently use Apple Pay for contactless payments at Speedway and others.
  • ARCO, BP/Amoco, Chevron, CITGO, Circle K, and Conoco accept Apple Pay.
  • ExxonMobil, Shell, Sunoco, Texaco, Valero, and Wawa also recognize its value.
  • Apple Pay provides a seamless payment option at the pump or inside the store.
  • Customers appreciate the convenience of using Apple Pay at these gas stations.
  • Contactless payments at Speedway and others enhance customer experience.
  • Shell, Texaco, and 7-Eleven are among those embracing Apple Pay.
  • Gas stations like BP/Amoco and Sunoco acknowledge the benefits they offer.
  • Circle K, Conoco, and Valero have integrated Apple Pay into their payment options.

Finding Apple Pay-Accepting Gas Stations

Finding Apple Pay-Accepting Gas Stations

  • Using Apple Maps App: Utilize the Apple Maps app on your iPhone or Apple Watch for location searches.
  • Searching for Gas Stations: Search for gas stations nearby to find accepted payment methods.
  • Checking Websites or Contacting Customer Service: Explore gas station websites or contact customer service for payment information.
  • Confirming Accepted Payment Methods: Look for the Apple Pay logo or checkmark as a payment option.
  • Swift Transactions: Transactions with Apple Pay are processed swiftly for convenience.
  • Contactless Payments: Enjoy the simplicity of contactless payments at Speedway.


In conclusion, Speedway embraces Apple Pay as a seamless payment method. Transactions with the iPhone or Apple Watch are swift and secure, enhancing convenience for customers.

Speedway now accepts Apple Pay, providing a modern payment method for customers.

Setting up Apple Pay at Speedway is quick and easy. Contactless payments ensure simplicity at the pump or in-store.

Transactions at Speedway using Apple Pay are processed swiftly, allowing customers to proceed efficiently with their day.

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