Does Tom Thumb Take Apple Pay?

Does Tom Thumb Take Apple Pay?

At Tom Thumb, purchasing groceries is simple. Use Apple Pay, a convenient payment method. This article answers, “Does Tom Thumb take Apple Pay?”

Discover valuable tips for maximizing Apple Pay benefits. Explore stores that accept this secure payment method. Tom Thumb ensures a seamless shopping experience with Apple Pay.

Answered: Does Tom Thumb Take Apple Pay? Yes!

Tom Thumb supermarkets proudly embrace Apple Pay, a convenient payment method. Since 2017, mobile payments have streamlined the shopping experience at your local Tom Thumb. Easily check out groceries using Apple Pay, making transactions swift and hassle-free.

How To Use Apple Pay At Tom Thumb

Using Apple Pay at Tom Thumb is seamless. Set up on iPhone or Apple Watch.

  • In ‘Settings,’ choose ‘Wallet & Apple Pay.’
  • Add a Card, and select payment type. 
  • Use the camera or enter card info manually. Agree to terms, and verify card.
  • Your card is in Apple Wallet. Ready to pay at the register. 
  • For Apple Watch, set up on linked iPhone.
  • Open the ‘Apple Watch App, Add a Card, and follow the instructions.
  • Enjoy the convenience of Apple Pay at Tom Thumb.

iPhone? How To Use Apple Pay Inside Tom Thumb

When using your iPhone at Tom Thumb, follow simple steps.

  • Double-click the right-side button on your iPhone.
  • Use Face ID or Touch ID; enter the passcode.
  • Hold your iPhone over the contactless point-of-sale reader.
  • Listen for a ping or look for a green checkmark.
  • Once you see ‘Done’ on your iPhone, grab your receipt.

Easy and efficient with Apple Pay!

Apple Watch? How To Use Apple Pay Inside Tom Thumb

At Tom Thumb, simplify transactions with Apple Watch. Tap the side button, enter a passcode, and effortlessly make payments with a contactless reader.

  • Visit Tom Thumb, and use the Apple Watch for transactions.
  • Easily follow the steps: double-tap the side button, input the passcode, and complete payment with a contactless reader.
  • Apple Watch at Tom Thumb ensures swift transactions.
  • Tap the side button, input the passcode, and seamlessly complete payments with a contactless reader.
  • Navigate Tom Thumb transactions with Apple Watch.
  • Double-tap the side button, enter a passcode, and hold over the contactless reader for quick, convenient payments.
  • Experience smooth transactions at Tom Thumb with Apple Watch.
  •  Tap the side button, input the passcode, hold over the contactless reader, and swiftly receive your receipt.

Tom Thumb’s Mobile App And Its Features

Tom Thumb’s Mobile App provides a convenient shopping method with weekly discounts.

  • The app is designed for an easy shopping experience, allowing you to plan store runs and order items for delivery or DriveUp & Go™.
  • Available for free on iOS and Android, it’s a great tool packed with features.
  • Clip digital coupons effortlessly, browse them, and add them to your account with a few taps.
  • Enjoy savings of up to $300 with coupons automatically applied at checkout.
  • View receipts to track past purchases, aiding budgeting and expense monitoring.
  • The app is helpful for anyone who shops regularly, making it easy to save money.
  • Download Tom Thumb’s Mobile App today to experience the overall benefits.
  • It’s user-friendly, saves money on purchases, and enhances shopping.

Money-Saving Tips

Discover Money-Saving Tips at your local Tom Thumb. Use their website or mobile app to access the weekly ad with special offers, digital coupons, and discounts on groceries. Join the Tom Thumb for U rewards program to earn valuable points for savings on groceries and gas at their fuel centers.

Enjoy perks like a free item every month and a special treat on your birthday through the Tom Thumb for U rewards. Conveniently, the program is integrated into the Tom Thumb Mobile Apps, available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Take advantage of online grocery delivery orders and curbside pickup, all accessible through the same user-friendly app. Efficiently save money and time with these practical tips.

What Stores Accept Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is accepted at major retailers like Macy’s, Nordstrom, and Target.

Popular grocery stores, including Whole Foods Market, Kroger, and Trader Joe’s, also support Apple Pay both online and offline.

Fast food chains such as McDonald’s, Subway, and Chick-fil-A, along with coffee shops like Starbucks and Dunkin‘, seamlessly integrate Apple Pay into their payment options.

Enjoy the convenience at gas stations like Exxon, Shell, and Chevron.

For electronics, explore Apple Pay at Best Buy and Apple Stores.

Clothing and apparel shopping is made easy with H&M, Gap, and Adidas accepting Apple Pay. CVS and Walgreens, trusted pharmacies, also embrace the convenience of Apple Pay.

In summary, Apple Pay is widely embraced, making transactions swift at diverse retail establishments, from grocery and department stores to fast food, and coffee shops, and beyond.

Gas Stations That Accept Apple Pay

Gas stations across the United States embrace Apple Pay.

 Use an iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch for quick, secure payments.

Chevron, Shell, BP/Amoco, Citgo, Circle K, and ARCO—all accept Apple Pay.

Tom Thumb stands out; it accepts Apple Pay through the One Touch Fuel app. Fuel up, claim rewards, and activate the pump with one click. Redeem rewards instantly and track progress effortlessly.

Not all stations allow Apple Pay at the pump; some are in-store or through the app. Check the station’s website or ask an employee for confirmation.

Apple Pay ensures security; your payment info stays safe. Convenience meets safety at gas stations accepting Apple Pay.

Security And Privacy Of Apple Pay

Apple Pay prioritizes security, safeguarding payment information during transactions. Using device hardware and software, it shields credit card details from hackers. Your information isn’t stored on devices or Apple’s servers, enhancing security.

Biometric authentication adds an extra layer, requiring Touch ID or Face ID for transactions. This prevents unauthorized access, even if your device is lost. Each transaction utilizes a unique device account number, ensuring privacy. Credit card details remain undisclosed to merchants and third parties.

Confidently make purchases with Apple Pay, knowing its built-in security features protect your payment information. The unique device account numbers contribute to a secure and respected privacy system. Apple Pay, a safe choice for secure and private transactions.

Other Accepted Payment Methods At Tom Thumb

Tom Thumb stores offer various payment options for store purchases.

  • You can use credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.
  • Mobile pay options like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay are also accepted.
  • Additionally, Tom Thumb accepts Debit cards, SNAP EBT Cards (commonly known as food stamps), and Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Benefits at participating locations.
  • Prepaid cards and Tom Thumb Gift Cards are convenient alternatives for payment.
  • For those preferring traditional methods, you can pay with local pre-printed personal checks accompanied by a photo ID.
  • Cash transactions are also welcomed at Tom Thumb stores.
  • When using credit or debit cards, remember to insert your chip card into the card reader instead of sliding the magnetic strip.

What Advantages Do I Get Through Tom Thumb?

Tom Thumb provides customers with a convenient shopping experience.

The wide range of products includes fresh produce, meats, and dairy, ensuring a one-stop solution for household essentials.

Enjoy exclusive advantages with Tom Thumb’s loyalty programs.

The Tom Thumb Club Card offers discounts, personalized offers, and digital coupons. Participate to save money on purchases and earn rewards for exclusive deals.

Experience the ease of online ordering through Tom Thumb’s website or mobile app. Shop from the comfort of your home and benefit from convenient grocery delivery or pickup services, bringing groceries right to your doorstep.

Tom Thumb goes beyond groceries; many locations offer in-store pharmacies. Easily fill prescriptions and access over-the-counter medications while completing your grocery shopping.

Does Tom Thumb take Google Pay?

Tom Thumb embraces modern payments. Explore Google Pay for effortless transactions on Android devices. Enjoy seamless purchases at our point of sale.

Does Tom Thumb take Samsung Pay?

Samsung Pay users, your convenience matters. At Tom Thumb, unlock easy payments with Samsung devices. Experience the simplicity of magnetic secure transmission technology.

Does Tom Thumb take PayPal?

Tom Thumb prioritizes innovation. While not accepting PayPal, we support various digital platforms. Explore accepted payment methods for a smooth shopping experience.

FAQ About Apple Pay And Tom Thumb

Does Burlington accept Apple Pay?

In Burlington’s retail stores, Apple Pay is a secure and convenient payment method.

Does HEB take Apple Pay?

HEB enhances the shopping experience with the HEB Go app for iOS and Android.

Does CVS take Apple Pay?

CVS, a retail giant, embraces Apple Pay as a secure payment option.

Does AutoZone take Apple Pay?

AutoZone allows seamless purchases with Apple Pay at their retail locations.

Is Apple Pay more secure than traditional payment methods?

Apple Pay ensures security through Touch ID and Face ID, protecting card details.

What types of cards can I use with Apple Pay at Tom Thumb?

Tom Thumb gladly accepts major credit and debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, and more.


In conclusion, Tom Thumb welcomes Apple Pay as a seamless payment method. Your device simplifies purchases, eliminating the need for physical cards or cash.

Explore diverse payment options—credit cards, debit cards, gift cards—at Tom Thumb. A versatile range ensures convenient and hassle-free shopping experiences.

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