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Does Total Wine Take Apple Pay Or Google Pay?

Are you wondering, Does Total Wine Take Apple Pay? The answer is YES! Total Wine enthusiastically accepts Apple Pay. Check out how to set up and use Apple Pay at Total Wine.

Total Wine, the country’s largest wine retailer, spans 262 superstores across 28 states. To ensure a seamless shopping experience, let’s explore the payment methods available both in-store and online at Total Wine. From fine wines to diverse payment options, Total Wine caters to your preferences in every state it operates.

Does Total Wine Take Apple Pay Or Google Pay?

Total Wine enhances your shopping experience with the convenience of Apple Pay and Google Pay. These secure digital wallet payment methods streamline transactions for customers, providing a seamless and efficient way to pay. The acceptance of Apple Pay and Google Pay demonstrates Total Wine’s commitment to modern, user-friendly payment options, ensuring a hassle-free shopping process for all.

Using Apple Pay at Total Wine

Setting up Apple Pay at Total Wine:

Setting up Apple Pay at Total Wine is a simple process. Follow these steps:

  1. Prepare Your Apple Device:
    • Ensure your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch is ready.
  2. Add a Card:
    • In the Wallet app, tap the “+” symbol.
    • Follow the prompts to add credit or debit cards.
  3. Verify Your Card:
    • Receive a code via text, email, or call.
    • Verify your card with ease.
  4. Add Billing Address:
    • Ensure your Wallet app has a billing address.

Using Apple Pay enhances your Total Wine shopping experience.

How to use Google Pay at Total Wine

Using Google Pay at Total Wine:

Step-by-Step Guide: Follow this easy guide for seamless Google Pay usage at Total Wine.

  1. Download Google Pay App:
    • Get it from Google Play (Android) or the App Store (iPhones).
    • Quick download for hassle-free transactions.
  2. Add and Verify Cards:
    • Tap “Add Payment Method.”
    • Easily add credit or debit cards, ensuring secure transactions.
  3. Enable NFC on Your Smartphone:
    • Access your device settings.
    • Under “Connections,” enable NFC for convenient payments.

Google Pay enhances your Total Wine shopping experience—swift, secure, and user-friendly.

Payment methods accepted at Total Wine

Cash Payments: Total Wine welcomes cash at all locations for easy transactions.

Credit and Debit Cards: Major cards like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover are accepted. (Note: International cards and accounts linked to international addresses are currently not processed for credit card payments.)

Mobile Payments: Experience convenience with mobile payment options at Total Wine.

  • Apple Pay:
    • Securely pay with an iPhone, Apple Watch, or iPad using Apple Pay.
  • Google Pay:
    • Android users can enjoy contactless payments through Google Pay.

PayPal for Online Orders: Total Wine ensures flexibility by accepting PayPal for online purchases, along with major credit cards.

Discover hassle-free payments and diverse options at Total Wine.

The security of mobile payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay at Total Wine

Secure Transactions: Mobile payments, like Apple Pay and Google Pay, provide a safe way to conduct transactions at Total Wine.

  • Tokenization Process:
    • Systems use tokenization, replacing actual card details with unique tokens.
    • Ensures sensitive information isn’t shared, reducing fraud risk.
  • Biometric Authentication:
    • Mobile payment apps offer features like touch ID or face recognition.
    • Enhances security for customers, making it a secure payment choice.

Safe Choices for Customers: Total Wine prioritizes the security of payment methods, offering customers a safe and reliable experience with mobile payments.

Pros And Cons of Using Apple Pay at Total Wine


Enhanced Convenience: Utilize Apple Pay at Total Wine for a streamlined and efficient transaction experience, enhancing overall convenience.

Robust Security Measures: Experience heightened security with Apple Pay at Total Wine. Mobile payments employ tokenization, safeguarding your transactions by replacing actual card details with unique tokens.

Enhanced Compatibility: Total Wine’s upgraded payment systems, implemented in 2019, ensure seamless compatibility with Apple Pay and Google Pay. Embrace the convenience of using these popular digital wallets for a modern and efficient payment experience.


Device Compatibility Concerns:
Apple Pay and Google Pay provide seamless transactions, but users should be aware of device limitations. Compatibility is restricted to iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, and Android devices. This may limit access for users without these specific devices.

Global Transaction Considerations:
While Total Wine offers convenient payment options, there are international limitations to be aware of. In-store purchases may face challenges with the processing of international credit/debit cards, affecting customers with accounts linked to international addresses.

Online Transaction Awareness:
Total Wine embraces Apple Pay and Google Pay for in-store purchases. However, customers need to note that these methods might not be available for online orders or payments through the website. Understanding these limitations ensures a smoother payment experience.

What Stores Have Apple Pay?

Diverse Partnerships: Discover the convenience of Apple Pay at various renowned stores like Best Buy, B&H Photo, Bloomingdales, Chevron, Disney, Dunkin Donuts, GameStop, Jamba Juice, Kohl’s, Lucky, McDonald’s, Office Depot, Petco, Sprouts, Staples, KFC, Trader Joe’s, and Walgreens.

Seamless Transactions: Experience the simplicity of Apple Pay across partner stores. Whether you’re shopping for electronics, fashion, or groceries, your preferred retailers like Best Buy, Kohl’s, and Trader Joe’s are ready to provide a swift and secure payment experience.

Everyday Convenience: From your morning coffee at Dunkin Donuts to lunch at McDonald’s, Apple Pay ensures a seamless transaction at your everyday favorites. Embrace the effortless payment options at Chevron, Walgreens, and many more.

How Do You Know If A Store Takes Apple Pay?

Visual Cues: Look for the distinctive Apple Pay logo on a store’s information card. This logo can be found in the Useful to Know section, easily accessible by scrolling down.

Location Information: In this section, alongside details about whether the place is kid-friendly or takes reservations, you’ll spot the recognizable Apple Pay logo. This clear indication ensures you know if the store accepts Apple Pay, simplifying your payment choices.

Does Total Wine Give Case Discounts?

In-Store and Online Savings: Total Wine extends enticing case discounts, both online and in-store, ensuring customers enjoy savings on their favorite selections.

Wine Discounts: Explore generous discounts on wine, available in popular sizes like 750 ml and 1 liter. Total Wine caters to diverse preferences, providing opportunities for savings on various wine options.

Spirits Specials: For spirits enthusiasts, Total Wine offers case discounts on 750 ml, 1 L, and 1 oz sizes. Additionally, find exclusive discounts on the unique 75 L size, presenting an attractive end price of 8.

Discover the pleasure of substantial savings with Total Wine’s case discounts, tailored to meet your preferences.

What Credit Cards Does Total Wine Accept?

Variety of Options: Total Wine welcomes popular credit cards—American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover. Ensure a smooth transaction with your preferred card.

U.S. Accounts Accepted: Feel confident using cards linked to U.S. accounts for hassle-free purchases at Total Wine.

Billing Address Requirement: To enhance security, provide the address associated with your card during billing.

Can Kids Walk In Total Wine?

Inclusive Experience: Total Wine values a family-friendly environment. Kids are welcome when accompanied by an adult guardian of legal drinking age.

Community Responsibility: To uphold community standards, we don’t sell alcohol to minors. Our store promotes a safe and enjoyable experience for customers of legal drinking age.

Age-Appropriate Entry: For a secure atmosphere, only individuals aged 21 or older can enter the store unless accompanied by an adult guardian. Our efforts prioritize a responsible shopping environment for all.

Can You Buy A Case At Total Wine?

Deep Discounts Await: At Total Wine, explore deep discounts on wine and spirits cases, ensuring you never leave your favorite bottles behind.

Create Your Perfect Case: Tailor your experience by creating the perfect case. Mix, match, and combine bottles in a variety of ways, making every purchase a personalized and enjoyable experience.

Flexible Options: Buy a case at Total Wine to enjoy not only cost savings but also the flexibility to curate your selection according to your taste preferences. Mixing, matching, and combining bottles allows you to explore a variety of options within your chosen case.

Is Wine Cheaper At Costco Or Total Wine?

Costco’s Budget-Friendly Selection: At Costco, discover budget-friendly wine options priced 10-20% below other retailers. Enjoy exceptional value without compromising quality.

Total Wine, Your Convenient Choice: For convenient wine shopping, explore Total Wine, a large physical outlet providing diverse selections. Shop confidently, knowing you have access to a broad range of options and competitive prices.

Variety Beyond the Big Stores: While I frequent Total Wine for its extensive offerings, I also appreciate exploring smaller, curated wine stores in my neighborhood and online, ensuring a diverse and enjoyable wine shopping experience.


In conclusion, Total Wine stands out as a versatile and convenient option for wine enthusiasts. With a diverse selection and competitive pricing, Total Wine caters to customers seeking quality and value in their wine purchases.

Whether comparing prices with large retailers like Costco or exploring curated options in the neighborhood, Total Wine continues to be a go-to destination for a comprehensive and satisfying wine-shopping experience.

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